Monday, September 13, 2010

Stout Cupcakes

I made Stout cupcakes for Cathleen's going away party last weekend.  Cathleen had requested these cupcakes for the party, so the preparation started with Chris and I going to the grocery store to pick out beer.  Since I don't know much about beer, and the recipe called for a stout like Guiness, Chris selected a Double Chocolate Stout.

I made the cupcakes at my mom's house, since we were there most of the weekend.  The cupcakes were very easy to make, and they had some somewhat surprising ingredients in them.  When I was thinking of cupcakes with beer in them, I never really thought about what else would be added to complement the beer.  These cupcakes were more like a molasses or spice cupcake.  They had molasses, nutmeg and orange zest in them for flavor.  They ended up very moist, and didn't really taste like beer, let alone double chocolate stout.

Since I made these cupcakes the day before the party, I kept them in airtight containers until an hour or two before the party.  They were able to stay at room temperature until I was able to make the Stout glaze.

The glaze was very easy to make.  All it required was 1/4 cup of the Stout from the cupcakes (in this case, the Double Chocolate Stout) and 2 cups of powdered sugar.  I mixed it in the mixer until it was combined, and thickened up a bit.

I frosted the cupcakes right away by drizzling the glaze on top.  This was probably the messiest part of these cupcakes, because the glaze went everywhere.

For serving, I left some cupcakes without the glaze, because I thought it had a stronger beer taste to it, and also because I thought the cupcakes were also good on their own.

I did bring a couple cupcakes to work two days later, and the cookbook was right in the fact that they are better the day they are glazed, but my friends at work didn't seem to mind.

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