Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cupcakes and the blogging world

Hi, and welcome to my cupcake blog.  I started this blog in order to write and share about all the cupcakes I am going to be making. 

Why cupcakes, you ask? 

I got Martha Stewart's Cupcakes for my birthday last month, and decided that I was going to try every recipe at least once.  I have really enjoyed baking for quite some time, but have a hard time picking things to make.  I figured since I have this new cookbook, I would try every recipe at least once.

Now the next question is probably, why write a blog? 

I decided that I wanted to write about all the different cupcakes that I was going to be making.  I also wanted to be able to share the things I learn while making all these cupcakes.

So my plan is to write about each cupcake that I try, and include what went right or wrong, and pictures of how the finished product.  I don't have a time frame for when I want to try every recipe in the book by, I just figure I will make cupcakes when I feel like it.  Once I'm done with Martha Stewart's Cupcakes I have a second cupcake cookbook that I will start on next.

So hope you enjoy!  Happy Cupcakes!

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  1. Exciting, it's like that movie, Julie & Julia!